I am a rapist


If there was ever a strong desire festering inside of you to see Javier Bardem looking like his soul has been raped perpetually by many dirty men, watch Before Night Falls. I know I usually do these in clumps, but this one deserves special note.

I'm not even done watching it yet. Not even done.
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I decided to review the movies I put on that list a while back after I watch a few of them and post them in case anyone is interested. so here they are.

P.S. I tried to make my ranking system as unclear and confusing as possible.

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jesse where the fuck is your chin

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Think I'll post this here in case my computer someday implodes in a vacuum of space-time. It's my "always-wanted-to-watch" list. Feel free to suggest.


no country for old men* (awesome)
eternal sunshine for the spotless mind
gone baby gone
what dreams may come
away we go
moulin rouge* (one of the worst movies I ever saw)
inglourious basterds* (awesome)
o brother where art thou* (george clooney wearin' a hairnet)
being john malkovich* (I don't even... A++++++)
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
cider house rules
lock stock and two smoking barrels* (awesome)
road to perdition
cinderella man
million dollar baby
bolt* (cute)
dawn of the dead* (ok)
repo! the genetic opera
curious case of benjamin button* (HE HAWT)
monsters vs aliens
wall-e* (awesome)
the signal
dead man's shoes
Orfanato, El
Survive Style 5+
up in the air
hurt locker

kill bill* (4 stars. I'll give it 5 stars the day that I grow a penis)
an education
the apartment
big lebowski
paris je t'aime
good night and good luck
wet hot american summer
usual suspects
seven samurais or whatever it is
the informant!
12 monkeys
step brothers* (I'll give it a slight nod of approval, but with a somewhat mysterious frown)
role models
the signal
before night falls
eden project
clockwork orange
man on fire
american history x
good will hunting
i am sam
40 year old virgin* (steve carell, I love you but that was anus)
darjeeling limited
shawshank redemption
The Departed
American Psycho
Close Encounter of the Third Kind
Angela's Ashes
Children of Men
dr strangelove
Cool Hand Luke
Dune (the one by David Lynch, apparently :D)
dear zachary
Dark City
The Science of Sleep
American Splendor
Punch Drunk Love
Synedoche, New York
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toot toot

Ok so I put my sketchbook down, go downstairs, 10 minutes later I come back up to see THIS:

have the beatings taught her nothing?! <Y/N>
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